About Ecovis®️ BSP

 Ecovis®️ BSP is a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company of international standard, capable of meeting the accounting demands of companies framed in the real profit and presumed profit regimes, located in any part of Brazil, national or multinational, guaranteeing transparency and tranquility for you .

We are part of Ecovis International, a leading global tax, accounting, auditing and legal consultancy. We are present in more than 90 countries, we have almost 11,000 employees around the world and a wide network of partners capable of serving our customers in the most diverse demands.

Why hire Ecovis®️ BSP?

Our differences

qualified team

to meet new ancillary obligations

Issuance of management reports

according to customer's model

Most appropriate treatment

of operations at their source

Provide integrated solutions,

agile, with high technical quality, which simplify processes and generate value


Closer and more accessible to customers

We are flexible and adaptable to the management model of each client, offering a high quality service, with agility, security and precision.

We have civil liability insurance in order to mitigate any risk inherent in the tax process. In this way, our customers have complete peace of mind about any type of failure in the tax area.

We offer a bilingual service and, through clear and accessible communication, we present the necessary information for the client to transform data into assertive decisions.

We operate within the client's management system (ERP) from the moment the software is implemented – or even the review of existing parameters – in order to guarantee transparency, reliability and integrity of information, minimizing the risks of errors and redundancies.

We are used to serving the most renowned independent auditing companies, which brings security to the client and attests to the quality of our processes.

We organize your accounting so you can focus on your business.


Know how to learn

Focus on the Client

Ethics always

people matter

Excellence inspires us

Talents strengthen teams

Want to know how we can help?

Who we are

In Brazil, we have been operating for over 20 years and stand out for our flexibility in adapting to the needs of each client, using technology to increase the security of their operations. We are advanced users in several ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning), managing accounting within the client’s system, which allows us to act independently of the company’s location.

Our team has highly qualified professionals who, through an efficient and effective organizational posture, develop strategic accounting processes, based on integrated data and monthly results, in order to assist the client in maximizing their business opportunities.



Outsource your company's accounting sector with Ecovis®️ BSP

With proven experience, ECOVIS® BSP is able to provide services with precision and punctuality, within the current legal norms, providing official and managerial reports that are important bases for its Clients in understanding their operation and in making decisions

Caros clientes e parceiros,

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A BSP NÃO realiza negociação de débitos ou emissão de boletos para quitação de dívidas em nome de bancos e instituições de crédito, nossos serviços limitam-se aos listados em nosso site único e oficial https://ecovisbsp.com.br/, na aba “Serviços”.

TODAS as comunicações da BSP Contábil são feitas através dos e-mails oficiais da empresa, sendo todos com o domínio “@bspcontabil.com.br” e/ou por meio dos números de telefone (19) 99455-5612 ou (19) 3871-9121.

Nunca pague boletos ou transfira valores que envolverem o nome da BSP sem antes conferir a procedência do documento em questão. Em caso de dúvidas, contate-nos antes de realizar qualquer pagamento.
Além dos telefones indicados acima, disponibilizamos o seguinte e-mail oficial: atendimento@bspcontabil.com.br.